About Us

A Unique And Unforgettable Taste Of The Philippines

The Philippines is renowned by foodies as Asia’s best kept culinary secret and we welcome you to enjoy a culinary adventure, where you will discover a wonderful cuisine, rich in flavour and heritage.

The inspiration behind Romulo Café & Restaurant comes from nostalgic and happy memories sitting around our grandparent's dinner table enjoying the exceptional hospitality of our grandfather Carlos P. Romulo, one of the Philippines’ greatest statesmen, and the culinary prowess of our grandmother, Virginia Llamas Romulo, who had to entertain the many diplomats and dignitaries that visited our home.

The core recipes we use have been handed down through the generations, lovingly tweaked by our grandmother, and now elevated and contemporized by our head Chef Jeremy Villanueva.

Our restaurant’s distinctive interiors were inspired by our beloved childhood home and we proudly display a great many family mementos in our four dining spaces, as well as photos of Romulo, my grandfather, meeting important international dignitaries such as the Kennedy’s and The Pope.

Now, you can experience some of our classic dishes and artisanal baked delights at home through the power of our p-commerce platform. Hitherto unknown, the P-commerce is the pandesal driven commercial platform inspired by the pot-pot men that used to deliver this baked delight to your door.